Sunday, March 27, 2011

January 10, 2011

I have no time this week, sorry! I am trying to apply online to BYU.
MOM!!!! You need to get my transcript from NMSU sent to BYU ASAP! Deadline is February 1st. Love you and thanks : )
I got transfered is my big news of the week : ( I am going to be Training AGAIN and white-washing AGAIN in the city of Perm. This will be my fourth time training, and my second time white-washing haha. I was a little surprised, but I am actually really excited. It'll keep in top form for the end of my mission. We ended-up being so busy in Botanika, that the mission president added another companionshiop to my old area, which makes me so happy! no mor time....
Here is a little excerpt of my letter to President. That's all I got this week. Love you all

I am so sad I am leaving Botanika! However, I am so happy that there will be four sisters there! I love the people there so much, and I feel like it will forever be my Russian home. I don't think the loss of leaving yet has really settled in, but I am sure that will happen in time. I am excited to be Training again though. I wasn't expecting too, but I never have expected to yet, so thanks for keeping that tradition alive : ) I know Training and wite-washing will be difficult, but that is nothing new! I am actually really looking forward to it, because I know it will keep me as busy and focused as ever, which is what I want for my last two transfers. I've heard Perm is awesome too, so that is exciting, along with my first tain/elektrishka ride!
Vladislav's wife is still on the fence, but we are giving him the paper for her to sign on Tuesday. We think that will be a really crucial and tlling step for them. We definitely don't want any more of a wedge to exist in their relationship because of the Church.
Vladimir was taught the Plan of Salvation rather thoroughly this week, and it seemed to help! The whole thing about not receiving exaltation without baptism seemed to motivate him more than before. He agreed to think about baptism some more and so we'll see what happened.
Sasha passed the Sacrament yesterday at Church! He was pretty unsure of what he was doing, but he made it through okay. He wore a white shirt, tie, and suit, and President Solomein has already assigned him a calling. He is his quorum President. He seemed pretty happy about that. He told us that he wasn't sure Joseph Smith was a prophet yet, which really frightened us, but he did say he believed, which is most important. We're working on changing his belief into knowledge though.
Tatiana and her boyfriend came to Chuch again, and they seem to be doing rally great. She has a lot of real intent. She even brought her nonmmber friend with her, so that is exciting. She has a hard tim understanding th Book of Mormon, and that is probably her biggest obstacle right now.
We had four or five member rffrals last week, and almost all turned into new investigators, which is exciting too. Most of our investigators live in Botanika, so I was afraid the Ximash sisters wouldn't have investigators to meet with, but almost all of the investigators we found last week live in their area, so that was a tender mercy. I hope they enjoy and love the area as much as I do. I'm sure they will!
Sister Hakes

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