Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sept 8th, 2009

Wow I got on me email and had 15 new messages from everyone! Thank you so so much! You have no idea what that means to me. I even got a little teary-eyed (shocker!). Only problem is that I used up my first 15 minutes of email to read your lovely letters.. so I only have 15 minutes to type now. I'll send you all a letter in the mail too cus there is a lot I wanna say and I developed my pictures. I'll send you some too. I love the emails so much so don't think I don't want you to send me them, but if you went on and emailed me that way I'll have more time to write in the future. If not, that's ok too :: ) For real.

Wow the BYU game sounded amazing!!!! At our devotinoal Sunday night, one of the mission presidency talked about how "the big cultural event" he watched on TV the night before would have made everyone proud. Do everyone started cheering. Haha. That's so coll you were there. I told some elders that and they were all jealous... Wow the twins are adorable!!! I loved the pictures. I keep them in prayers nightly. I'm only sad I can't see them. I don't get any picture attachments, so if you send me pictures in the email body only then I can read them.
Ok so to answer some questions, both of my teachers are American born but went to Russia on their missions (Samara). They are some of the coolest people I've ever met and our whole district feels so lucky to have them. Cectpa Hakes (Seestra) is my name in Russian and Elder is Stareyeshna (spelled different in Russian). Four of the leders in my mission are going to be serving in Romania and they are some of the first elders called their Russian speaking, which is cool. The other four elders are going to the Baltic Mission, all Russian speaking. I tell them a lot about you Josh and they're always curious to know more about the Baltic States. So, only my companions will actually be in my mission whic is ad because we are all so close. We've already planned a Reuion for two years from now. It is soooo crazy that I have only known these people for two weeks. We all agree that it seems like we've known eachother from before our missions. My companions are both beautiful, fun, spiritual, and motivated. I love them so much! Maybe for Kimball?? I'll let you know, I can't decide yet : ) Clothes are great Mom! I really feel happy with everything. A lot of the sisters wear shorter skirts rthan mid calf, but I'm glad I did what I was suppossed to, even if I envy their skirts a little at times. We did the right thing :) Food is great (Cassi). It's better than BYU food and they have a wrap bar and good salads everyday which is what I usually eat. I have two other girls for roommates, they are serving in Moscow. They're kinda quiet but if I go out of my way to be friendly, they really open up to me and my companions. So it's good. You could send me some cookies mom, but not a lot haha... Either way it's ok.

Well, five minutes left but I've had some amazing spiritual experiences this week. We went to the temple for the 2nd time Today (Tues is pday) and I just love being able to go. Also, I've taught the first lesson three times with my companions and it's overwhelming how I can be used to bring the Spirit. Like, wow. I feel really grateful each time that I have the priviledge to teach the Gospel becuase it changes lives. I want to hear all about Colin too! My favorite is teaching the First Vision and reciting JSH from memory. That brings the Spirt so strong regardless.

I had my first interview with my Teacher (Brat Ponzach) and he was so complimentary and nice to me. For the first time though, I didn't feel like wow, I'm amazing, like I might have done before the mission. Instead, I really realized that ANY success I am having really is a gift from the Lord. I realize that he is what has been helping me so much. It all became so much more clear than before. Anything that I am skilled or talented at is not for my sake, but for His. I am obligated and priviledged to build his kingdom and he has given me the tools I need to do it. I just want to keep working hard and be the very best that I can. Sometimes I laugh in calss too much haha... anyways, goot run! I'll write more to ya'll individually! LOVE LOVE LOVE BIRD!!