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December 20, 2010

Hi Family!

First, those family pictures from Ruidoso look so fun! I am so glad you all got to be together for the holidays. It just struck me how big our family is. By the time I get home, I won't recognize any of the grandkids I'm sure. And, that would be way cool to have everyone there when I get home, but of course I understand that might not be possible, especially for the family in Georgia! Anyways, that is still a little ways off : ) Yay for a White Christmas morning together. So wait, is everyone going home for the actual Christmas day, or is there more festivities together in LC?

Second, The weather hasn't been that cold I don't think! I have heard minus 30 Celius, but not minus 31 Farenheit! So, while it is very cold, I would say that what they are saying is celius, might in reality be farenheit. Either way, I appreciate the concern for my warmness. I have yet to freeze too bad, and with all the layers I put on (it takes a while to get dressed), I feel pretty hot most of the time unless I am outside, then I feel slightly chilled to say the least, but not bad. Only my face gets really cold.

Third, I get to call home for Christmas using ................ (you ready?)..................................

SKYPE!! YAY!! The Mission Department just sent out an email approving skpe for missionaries calling home! I am pretty certain that most of the missionaries won't have access to a computer, but the Senior couple in my Branch has already offered to have us come to their home and use their skype account. I have never used skype before and don't really know how, but they would suggest that you call me on their account. Here is what they wrote me:

Our Skype address is “Wayne or Eva”and if your parents want to try it before Christmas to see that it works we usually have the computer on in the evening until 10:00pm our time. If they wish to sent their Skype address to us, our e-mail is:

Have a good day,

Elder and Sister Hassell

YAY!! I get to see your faces! I am pretty sure you have a camera right? I have heard you mention that you've used skype to call the grandkids before, so I'm pretty sure I'll see you lovely faces very soon! Best Christmas Ever! Ok, here is the plan:

Please call ME your Christmas Eve at 8 PM. It will be my Christmas Morning at 8 AM. I will proly only have about an hour. If it doesn't work for whatever reason and you don't get through to me, I'll just call you on Mom or Dad's cell phone later. I am so excited!!

Four, and best of all:


Last Sunday, a guy named Sasha was invited to Church by his friend. He went to the other Branch building in Ekat, but the sisters there got his info and it turns out he lives in Botanika. We called him Sunday evening, and set-up a meeting with him for Monday evening. He comes and he has the strongest belief in Christ, is a lawyer, and is very spiritual. He is golden, no other way to describe it! Anyways, I extended the baptismal committment for the 25th of December (a little less than two weeks from then) and he turned us down, saying a decision like that would take a lot of thought and time. Anyways, we were kind of sad, but we knew he would still get baptised sooner or later. As the week goes on, all of our other prospective baptismal daters didn't answer their phones, sad! They are all still doing okay (now that we've heard from them), but the week was definitely a "trial of our faith" to put it nicely. We were starting to maybe accept the fact that we wouldn't see a baptizm the 25th as a companionship after all. One investigator got a new job and is too busy, the other is still waiting for his wife's permission, and the other is backing-out on her testimony. Bah.... Agency! So, we were having a self-pity party a little this week.

Anyways, Sasha came to a Youth FHE Friday night and enjoyed it, camt to Church on Sunday and stayed all three hours. He was really listening to everything so intently, and he even decided to go back to the other Branch building for the youth Fireside that evening. Ok, so once he gets to the Fireside (we weren't there, we had a different mtg.), he walks in and says," What do I do if I have a question?" And the Senior couple there said it would, "Depend on the question." And he said:


Ahh! It was so crazy. They told him to call us of course, and we talked to him over the phone, and he said he felt the Spirit so strongly at Church, and he just knew it was all true, and he wants to get baptized on Christ's Birthday! It was such a miracle!

Our Zone has been working so hard, fasting, praying, contacting in the freezing, and just trying all we can to get a baptizm on Christmas Day. It was looking really optimistic the whole time, but last week everything fell through at the last minute. But, the Lord is so merciful, and so amazing, that he just gave us this miracle for our Zone at the last minute. We really didn't do anything. My companion and I just freaked-out when we got the phone call. It really hows that we can try all we want, make plans all we want, but it really is the Lord's will. I have grown so much from this experience. Learning to try and exercise faith and work hard to acheive goals, even when they really seem like the impossible. I feel really happy for all the missionaries in our Zone too, because I feel they all played a part in fellowshipping Sasha. So, it has been a really sweet, tender experience for us. I don't think I really, truly believed in miracles before my mission. I am not sure I really believed that God really took an active part in our lives, but now I really feel certain, beyond a doubt, that he really is there and that he knows us. I wouldn't say I ever had the most faith in the world, but now I would have to say that my faith has grown so much, and I really have seen miracles, more than I ever thought possible. It'll be a White Christmas after all!

Oh, and the Church Building that has been under construction for YEARS here in Ekat, just got signed and handed over this weekend. So Sasha will be the first person baptized in the actual Church building font in Ekat! It won't be in a spa center like usual, yay.

Well, there is more I could write, but you can just give me a call later this week : )


Sister Hakes

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